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Matt's Goal: To change his entire body composition in 60 days. Drop weight, Lose Inches, Increase Stamina, Increase Flexibility Excel at Work, and FEEL GREAT!

Matt has committed to eating a 100% detoxifying LIVING FOODS diet, to go to YOGA as often as his Yogaworks trainers tell him to, to eat whatever Chef Jenny at 118 tells him to, to exercise with weights twice a week- in short to turn everything around...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Days 45 - 49 - Fuente Eterno

Vacation time – I have been in Mexico for the last 4 and a half days. I cant say enough how rejuvenating it was to soak in a hot tub, be inspired by amazing people and maintain a healthy balance of my commitments.

To briefly summarize it took A LOT of preparation. Thank goodness for great counsel from Jenny regarding what foods to prepare. I essentially had to pack all my food / ice / water for the trip as we were in an extremely isolated location. This meant lots of granola, hemp milk, my greens an mini mixer. Fruit, almond butter, tamales from 118 Degrees, dressings, stuffed mushrooms and a few other goodies along with dry ice and bottled water. As far as food went I was totally good to go.

Yoga was another story. Though I was able to do some morning sun salutations and stretches I focused more on hiking around the incredible canyon we were in.

As the weekend progressed I continued to receive compliments from people who hadn’t seen me in a couple months and they always said how good I look etc. Obviously that felt awesome. I did notice I was thirstier than usual but the climate was dry among the hot springs.

Overall it was a wonderfully healing trip and one ill mark down as a favorite.


Days 43 - 44 Positive Feedback!

Well the last two days have been great. I’m noticing that my clothes are getting baggy and that im cinching my belt to its last hole. Also I’m constantly hearing how I look thinner and that there is a glow about my skin.

Aside from my personal growth and newfound energy, this is the feedback I really appreciate. My intent has always come from a positive space but the program does take work and a little sacrifice so when I hear comments like “wow you look great” and “hey those pants look really baggy on you” it’s great motivation that this program is delivering results. Im really looking forward to more~


Days 38 - 42 - Food is my Anchor

These last few days have been incredibly stressful as I am preparing for yet another challenge to this new lifestyle. Next week I am going away for 4 and a half days to camp in these incredible remote hot springs in México with a gang of friends. That said I have a lot to prepare for both packing wise of “stuff” and food and such.

Lately I have been running numerous errands and “skipping” yoga in the studio. I have however been building my home practice into a short but effective routine. It includes lots of downward dog, and some of the vinyasas I’ve learned over the last month and a half. I know I do so much “better” in the studio and look forward to getting back.

Food though, has been my anchor. Knowing I have healthy meals both for lunch and dinner makes my days go by smoothly. I really crave the yum factor I’ve found with living cuisine and still have that great feeling after eating; as though I am moving my health in a terrifically positive direction.


Day 37 - New Pasta!

OH man tonight was a challenge! First off though I’ll say I LOVE RAW FOOD!!! You know when I speak about this program people always ask me if I will continue this lifestyle. I usually say I don’t know because I already feel the benefits but who knows where my preferences will wind up as my two months pass. What I do know, is that Chef Jenny Ross is a Goddess! Today she made me this special “pasta” with avocado, dulse, zuchcinni, dehydrated mushrooms, and a few other ingredients – it was the best thing I’ve eaten this whole time! So as of today I’m raw for life ~ Please ask Jenny for this as it must be on the menu soon! -

That said my earlier night was not as brilliant. I arrived for my yin vinyasa class with Nora. I was there around 610 and the class starts at 630. Now mind you this is the class I get to early because of how crowded the room gets – (I’m still working through my “I like to have enough space around me” conversation)

For some reason however I simply could not find a parking spot again. It was really frustrating driving all over the plaza and surrounding streets to find a space. It got to be 628 and I found a spot across the street and ran to class. I wound up getting my mat down in a horizontal gap among the vertical mats within the room which felt a little awkward but ce la vie. I settled myself and surrendered to the night and brought my focus to center. I had a much better class and noticed I am able to go a bit deeper into certain poses namely the hip openers. Progress always feels good


Day 36 - Back to it!

Today I’m still groggy and playing catch up on feeling my now familiar vitality. Breakfast was a superfood shake with extra greens and lots of water and hot tea. Lunch was a kale salad and a fresh juice of greens and veggies after yoga.

I’m feeling recovered however my stamina in yoga was diminished. One of the things I appreciate about my yoga time though is I get to really dedicate a solid hour and a half to practice. It sometimes feels like entering a personal sanctuary where I can just ‘be in the space I’m in”. Granted, I think I’m learning that yoga’s true lesson is to take that hour and a half and extend that into our daily experiences.

For tonight though, an hour and a half was PLENTY! I kept noticing that I was “not as good” as the previous weeks sessions but I continued to remind myself to go with my flow and stay present.

By the end of tonight I’m feeling worked but good at the same time – and glad I went to class.

But I have a feeling ill be sore in the morning~


Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 32 - 35 - Birthday Weekend

This weekend has had an undercurrent of apprehensiveness. It was my birthday weekend and though not a major milestone of a birthday, it was important to me nonetheless.

I’d say that a major reason for taking this program on was that I knew I was in the middle of many poor lifestyle habits concerning my diet, exercise and overall “mindset”. I was tired of feeling tired and didn’t want to head into my next bday with feelings of regret but rather with feelings of optimism based on my actions. So over the last few days it has been important to me to really care for my body. As mentioned before I am finding balance with the raw food diet – not diet in the sense of “losing weight” but in the sense of a consistent manner of eating. Also the yoga, though intermittent this weekend, has grounded me as my celebration night approaches.

So out we all go on Saturday night – my actual bday and we head out to a party – I’ll say I did have a couple drinks but really tempered my familiar “rock out!” pattern. Honestly it wasn’t such an obstacle though I expected it to be. I really have been more removed from my social scene during this time and thus my concern / apprehension of being out in “the scene”. Though I pushed my night into the wee hours of the morning I came into Sunday tired and ready for a long rest. By this evening (Sunday) I am still tired and know that yoga is going to kick my ass tomorrow night …

But I’ll say this .. it was worth it!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 31 - Yoga?

Well today i had a shake for breakfast and got to a productive start with my day. As the noon hour approached i remembered seeing a yoga class at the gym during lunch. I decided to check it out as it was only an hour long.

Now granted im a little spoiled with Yogaworks and the great instructors like Randy, Nora and Andrea, but i have to say that the class i took at lunch was not for me.

I got there and right away we started in with poses without any warm up and then moved from one to the other so fast i couldn't keep up. Or rather... i just didn't want to. I don't want to go into it too much here but it was not a class i would go back to. It (for me) was a poor representation of what "yoga" is ... and reminded me of this video from comedian Brian Regan

Lunch was a great salad and dinner was also a taco salad and a tamale. I've had a couple cups of Tahitian Vanilla and Hazelnut tea and am going to wind down and get to bed.



Day 30

Today i had a really good day

I woke early, like at 5am or so and had quite a bit of energy, not so much to jump out of bed as i'm still connected to my snooze alarm so i laid there and relaxed while doing some back and hip stretches i've learned over the past weeks.

I got up and got out of the house around six and headed to the gym to get a light work out in... did some cardio and then took a nice hot shower and focused my thoughts on having a productive day. oh....

i then stepped on the scale - and to my surprise i was DOWN 16 pounds! Nothing like seeing that to get your day in the right direction !!! Its really amazing because i was only down 5 pounds a week ago ~

Started off with a half a cup of granola from 118 Degrees and some vanilla hemp milk - its amazing how filling that stuff is because four hours went by before i had a shake

2 hours later i headed over to 118 to pick up a salad - Jordan once again hooked me up with a creative blend of greens, avocado, tomatos, tahini cheese, and more

Yoga tonite was also terrific ... I rallied Jenny Ross to come with me to Nora's Yin class...

As always, it was a (insert multiple positive adjectives here ;)) class and i found peace with some of the uneasy thoughts i've been running over the last week - the music also was live with guitar and as i meditated in savasana i decided to look into taking up the guitar myself.

Dinner tonight is a taco salad and a single tamale - deeelish ~

Thats it for now as im still kind of zoned out from the yoga

blessings ~


Day 29- Scattered

Today i was a little scattered throughout the day. Having skipped Friday through Sunday of yoga i feel like I'm missing a sense of groundedness i experience in the middle of the week.

Breakfast was a shake and a banana - mid morning i had half of a lara bar - lemon flavor -not the best in my opinion but satisfying for sure, also a couple cups of yerba matte tea -

Later i had a cup of granola for lunch and then another shake around 430

I closed the day not feeling entirely productive but made headway on a few key projects but confident the week will bear fruit

Yoga tonight was with Randy Allard - I found the class somewhat difficult and a good workout - however i'm not so sure i should experience it as a "workout" - I think i felt this way because i had so much "chatter" in my mind about an assortment of things - i tried from time to time to tell my mind to relax but it wasn't working as well as i hoped. One of the things i do love about Randy's classes is that she always reminds us that each day of yoga can be different for us and that some days we may be tighter on certain sides or occupied in our thoughts and that it's ok....... i just appreciate her energy so much -thank you Randy!

I got home and knew that i would be sore as i was feeling the "consequences" of pushing so hard in my class - but i was glad that i went and reconnected to my yoga body ~


Day 26 - 28 Weekend Off

This last weekend i took off from yoga and just focused on cleaning out the garage, closets, junk drawers, and basically "clearing house". It felt great to get so much cleaned out and organized. It's as though i did a little living space yoga. I paid attention to my diet and retreated into a more thoughtful self. It was a great 3 days however i am looking forward to getting back into the yoga studio.

Day 25 - Video!

Today was a positive day ...

Breakfast was granola with vanilla hemp milk. Later i prepared a shake with maca and greens, snacked on a banana, lunch was a ceasar salad, snacked on half a lara bar - cinnamon bun flavor, then grubbed on the heart shaped cookies with a mushroom garlic puree that was delicious. Though my stomach was not even close to full i was satisfied and felt as though i had fed my body well today

yoga was yin vinyasa and i originally considered going to the viniyoga because i wanted to take it easy - i realized i was avoiding the yin class because i knew it was a "harder" class - so i thought about it and knowing it was valentine’s day i figured i would really go for it tonight and take the yin... and i wasn’t disappointed. It was not as crowded as sometimes but a full room nonetheless and there was someone playing the guitar which was nice ..Nora came up and said hi and asked how everything was going - shes really a very caring person and all....

The class was full of hip openers again and it felt good

I walked out and noticed a friend of mine - she and I spoke for a while and as i explained about my "program" i found others listening in with interest - nods of approval and support as i discussed the raw food and my ease of rolling with it ... it’s always encouraging to see people being motivated by this program and the results possible!

also - here is a link a video about 118 Degrees


Day 23 - 24 - Recess

The last two days i decided to skip yoga and spend the found time focusing on the projects and activities i wanted to do on Sunday. My diet was back to normal and I'm a little surprised at how much i still genuinely love the food. Drinking tea has become a ritual now both in the mornings and during the night which i like.

I did however step on the scale and found i was less two pounds since Monday which is reassuring!

Day 22 - Breakdown

Today i got to work and just couldn't find my appetite. I was still a little frustrated about the night before and how i didn't honor my commitment to nurture myself but rather cast my day into such stress. I then got on the scale and didn't see more than 3 pounds difference in my weight since the beginning. I was really frustrated. Later in the morning i was talking with my dad and out of no where i started to feel emotional. I explained that i expected a moment like that during this process and we talked for a while. He really is an great sounding board for me and we had a very open conversation. I reflected on what was coming up for me and i couldn't really put my finger on it other than theres just a lot of change I'mexperiencing and habits I'm challenging at once.

In the afternoon i went to 118 and picked up a salad and spoke with Jenny about my experiences and she said that it's common to have emotional stuff surface a day or two after and then we talked about trusting the process regardign my weight change expectations but paying more attention to my raw choices.

Later in the evening i went to Randys yoga class and felt a little rusty but thankful to be in that "space".

I came home, showered and fell asleep as soon as i hit the pillow.


Day 21 - Hair Show

Well today i intended to really nurture myself and "clear the cobwebs" of sorts by getting some projects done and just enjoying a relaxing day. With the hair show in mind later in the evening i knew however that (like always with these) there would be stress...

and boy was there

first ill note that i really didn't have as regular a breakfast as i prefer. I seem to have so much more dietary discipline during the middle of the week and i wound up having a shake in the late morning and just drank tea in the beginning of the day. But i just really wasn't hungry at all.

I met up with Billy regarding the show and began preparations. I found myself getting extremely stressed and feeling uneasy about the event. And in this i realized that my whole day was going to be shot. When i dj shows like this it's important to me to prepare in excellence and compliment the shows intention but there were so many unknown / confirmed variables. With that i began sorting music i thought would work and then took a short nap. I didn't get much rest as i kept having this feeling of apprehension. I breathed and tried to calm my nerves and did some easy stretching ... as i thoguht more i believed i was suseptible to the stress more because i hadn't fully grounded out of my Kenesiology session. I later walked to my car and wanted a drink. I gulped my water and drove to the show.

On getting there it was one thing after another that wasnt sorted out and as usual the show was running behind. Eventually we got everything working and we ROCKED the night - it was a terrific success.

Afterwards i left ( didnt want to stay in that environment too late ) and went to 118 because i still hadn't had anything to eat.

I was absolutely exahusted and had some more tea and a little hazelnut dessert. It was soothing and after some great conversation with Billy and Jenny I came home and am ready to crash.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 20 - Kenesiology

Day 20 WOW - already at day 20 ... it seems like this has gone by so fast already.

Well today was a special day, I drove up to Pasadena this morning to meet my sister so that i could have my Christmas present - a Kenesiology appointment. This was a totally new thing to me and i really looked forward to it. Though i didn't know what to expect.

We went through our session and through all of the muscle testing and discussion we discovered some pretty incredible patterns and imbalances. I will get into these later but truly they were profound for me both physically and especially emotionally.

Later that day we discussed getting lunch. Now I hadn't really eaten anywhere else but at 118 or home or the office. So we went to Mo's in Studio City and had salads. I just ordered all the raw salad ingredients i could find based on looking at their menu and it was really good! Though i wanted a beer with lunch in the hot day i chose Pelligrino and enjoyed some great conversation with my sister. She really is amazing and i love her so much. Ticole you rock thank you !!


Day 19 - Blood Cell Analysis

Today i ate the usual which is just fine with me. Though i had these rolls with some yummy goodness in em i had to eat em early because i had my live blood cell analysis session this afternoon.

I arrived at Rhonda's Office and we got right to it. I was curious what was going to happen and started right in with all kinds of questions. She gave me just a little prick on the finger and took a very small sample of my blood and put it on a small piece of glass and then placed it under a huge microscope with a camera attached to it.

She turned on the tv and bam... there it was, my blood cells movin around in plasma. It was so cool, we began to look around and the first comment she said was that my plasma is really clean - then she says oh theres some bacteria there.. and some undigested food there.. I asked what?? how can i have that food there. Shes said that my drop of blood had been through my entire body in the last 20 seconds, whoa. We looked at white blood cells and t-cells and various other "stuff" as we scanned the sample. Bottom line is that my blood seemed a little low in iron and vitamin c and that could impact my immune system. We also saw a couple cells that had free radical damage but really there wasn't much. She said that was normal. I snapped lots of pictures and will post here soon. We talked about a few other conditions my cells had and decided that we will have another check at the end of my two months to see the progress. She also said that my low iron could be much better than it was before i started the raw based on all the raw kale in my diet.

Truly i would recommend this to everyone - by looking at the cells in this manner one would be able to detect all kinds of possible conditions that could lead to health problems of a serious nature.

Rhonda's Contact information is:

NSG Health & Education
2900 Bristol ST. Building B #107
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Ask for Rhonda Donahue 714-863-5959 and ask about the discount regarding Raw Matt and 118 Degrees.

Day 18 - Lokha Amasta Sukino Bhavantu

Today was a good day too...

Breakfast ...hemp milk, greens, banana, and some leftover mushrooms with puree'd nuts, damn deliicous...

I also had three cups of tea - yerba matte is my energy drink now and gives me a calm sense of alertness. Not the bang of coffee but a decent substitute. Lunch was a salad and a little lasagna. I love to share the food at work and it seems people are enjoying it and open to a two week try with 118 Degrees and Jenny Ross which is cool.

Tonight was another night of yin. More poses that work my hips and flexors it seems. We held some of these a looooong time and during which we chanted.

Nora would start it and quickly the group would chime in.

"Lokha Amasta Sukino Bhavantu" which means May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free.

Sometimes i feel like Im in a temple when we do stuff like this and i love it -

Day 17 - Off

Today i decide to pass on the yoga and just get things done at home. Nothing really to report other than my body felt a little worked from the previous nights yoga but all in all i feel good. The only occupying thoughts are that my body weight doesnt seem to be changing much and so i spoke with Jenny at 118 and we talked about some menue adjustments. Well see how that goes!

Day 16 - Feeling the Benefits

Today i did kind of a general check in... overall im feeling really good with lots of energy and little resistance if any to the new lifestlye and food. Breakfast continues to be a shake in the morning and a piece of fruit and tea before i have lunch later in the afternoon. Lunch also continues to be a salad of some kind and im thoroughly enjoying them.

Tonight, yoga was rather intense. I took Nora's yin class again. This time i got there early and set up camp lol i maneuvered throughout the various poses and found a couple really good hip opening stretches. Though the yin classes are supposed to be of total release and comfort i still find myself stretching alot. Also like last time there was live music which i really like and i find that it calms me as i hold the poses.

When we were finished i felt a totally new experience of my body as i walked out to my car. My legs and hips felt amazing and i walked with an openness i still find hard to describe -

It's moments like this that i find im really loving the yoga

I drove to Mother's and ordered a dark vegetable juice for dinner and felt the day was a good one.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 15 - A Riptide Among Alpha Waves ~

With the weekend behind me, I was ready to get back to work. Today was a good day as I'm gaining momentum on a few projects. Breakfast was the usual shake and is still one of my favorite times of day. I always feel that by starting off with all that nutritious superfood in my system I'm sending my body all kinds of positive messages. It feels good to honor and respect myself in this way both mentally and physically.

For lunch i had the portabello mushroom tacos and a salad. Whoa baby good stuff! Ill be posting pictures soon to show how incredible this food looks too.

I went home after work and winded down before i went to Yogaworks. I got there 10 min before class and there was absolutely NO parking. I was getting frustrated and beginning to think i might not make it to class. Then i found myself in a space of talking myself out of going and to read it as a sign not to go, to maybe go to the gym or just pass on it for the night and get some rest. I had to call bullshit on that and realize i was avoiding it for some reason. I re-asserted my intention to go and BAM a spot opened up. Shaking my head i ran to the building and wouldn't you know it... the class was delayed 10 minutes.

I settled my thoughts and used the time to get myself straight so i could assess what i was avoiding by creating that stress. i headed into class and found i didnt have the center i did in my previous Thursday class. It was a new teacher but i finished and somewhere along the way chilled out my vibe. I left thinking i was feeling "good" - it wasn't until i was on the freeway that i realized just how relaxed and peaceful i really felt - a car was approaching me from behind and coming up pretty fast . . . i then looked at my speedometer and started to laugh as i accelerated . . . i was doing 45 ~

I havent fully decompressed my experience in the parking lot - the weekend did rock me a bit but i sense a more emotional / mindful check-in is at hand ~


Feb 2/3 - Days 13 - 14 - The Program vs. Lifestyle

Saturday and Sunday - these have been days that tested my commitment and willpower.

So far in the last two weeks i have mostly avoided my regular social habits in an effort to remain on track with new commitments and intention. I also look forward to re-emerging a transformed person - both inside and out.

That said the weekend invited both going out socially with friends to Detroit Bar and the Santa Ana Artwalk and the Super Bowl.

Ill admit i was on the edge often of ordering a glass of wine or having a cocktail throughout Saturday night. We went to go see some friends play some house music at Detroit and get our groove on. Saw a bunch of familiar faces and lingered socially - albeit a bit more reserved than usual. After about an hour i was ready to go. When i got home i ate a coconut ball from 118 Degrees and noticed my mind was off center. I decided to go to bed.

Sunday - GAME DAY - Now I'm not too much of a football / sports nut but i love great competition in championship games and the social cheering and fun that goes along. That includes all the snack food and beer! So going to meet some friends a house party to watch the game was yet another challenge.

Common courtesy... i bring over a twelve pack. LOL - getting there the vibe is fun festive and everything you'd expect that day. Probably the reason why i got there an hour after kick off lol . I'm not there five minutes and Patrick asks me how the program is going and proceeds to tell everyone what I'm doing and how awesome it is. Many different looks of wow and why and cool and whats that and more but all supportive which was cool. I laughed and showed them my pocket of Lara Bars.

In this lifestyle, i cannot stress enough - Preparation Is Everything!

All in all it was a great day a great environment to be tested in and an awesome football game. The Giants were prepared to win for sure and as they hoisted to their victory i subtly congratulated myself on my own.

This weekend marked a milestone closer to making this program more of a lifestyle and one i look forward to.


Feb 1 - Day 12 - Anti Oxidant

Today was a good day - though i was sore in new ways i haven't felt before. I don't even know if i could call it a soreness but i just found myself stretching throughout the day and taking deep breaths.

After my morning shake and tea i got on with my day and found i was in an extremely creative space. Ideas and possibilities were flowing and work was a breeze. Lunch came around and i was craving a salad - with lots of kale. Now understand i thought Kale was the nastiest thing on the planet. But i prefer it now and even like that chard stuff thrown in. So off to 118 i went for lunch - D-licious! Love that salad and even had more for later in the afternoon. I keep asking Jenny what the different foods are made of and why they are good for me. One of the answers that always seems to come back is.... "its got lots of antioxidants Matt" I looked down at my salad and told her i think I'm turning into an antioxidant ~

After last nights yoga i spoke with Randy who suggested i take a couple days off if i felt my body needed rest. I trust her coaching so no yoga was planned till Monday.


Thurs Jan 31- Day 11 - Ooops I cleared some space

On a roll today ... im really settled into a rhythm with the food - shakes in the morning, tea, a big salad for lunch and maybe something like a wrap or veggies wind down my day and then more hot tea. The nighttime tea i like right now is the Yogi Tea - Tahitian Vanilla and Hazelnut .... mmmmmm good

Yoga tonight was awesome yet again ... i started with the Viniyoga class with Andrea - she's really the bomb and has a cool authentic vibe. Class was more relaxing than invigorating than usual for me so i decided to take a following class with Randy Allard. I remember her saying how not to compare against those in the room or criticize ourselves ... thats the ego. Then she mentioned how we're not to congratulate ourselves or applaud our progress during our practice as that is ego as well.

We went about our various flows and of course ... just to test me ... the room was really packed lol - I reminded myself not to think about it and just went with my intention to have a good session.

About 70% through the class Randy was talking about how yoga can clear space and open our bodies. Making room ... etc...

Moments later... it happened.. totally unexpectedly ... i farted.

Yes .. Now mind you it was totally unexpected and thankfully didn't smell.. I'm laughing as i type because in that moment i almost blurted out that i had just cleared some space! Sometimes its good to be in the back of the room! Now staying out of ego the rest of the class was a real challenge...ha ~


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 9 & 10 "Kensho"

Yesterday - as usual the food was awesome - it seems so redundant to keep posting but it was great eating the salads, shakes and Nachos! Love those ~

The Yoga - whoa!

Yin Vinyasa - live music

Wow what a class! It was a full room of people and I was .. at first, a little bit intimidated by the level people were at. Watching head / handstands and various positions that were way ahead of me. I did some gentle stretching and calmed my mind and reminded myself to be in my own space and to remember that it's not a competition.

The class started and i was really looking forward to it. Live cello, sitar and guitar with candles lit and flowers laid about in a darker than usual room. It was a very spiritual space / energy.

As the class progressed, there were a few new positions (Asanas) like "The Frog". It was funny to hear people kind of moan when Nora said we were doing that one lol.

It actually felt good (to the best of my posture) but the pose was difficult. The thing in the Yin Vinyasa class is to fully embrace the yin rather than yang energy. The yin is the relaxing comfortable releasing feeling whereas the yang is the more activating feeling.

It was really helpful to hear Nora say over and over to do it so it feels good and to enjoy the yin - to do what feels good as best we could, and that was constantly relieving to my inner conversation to "do it right or perfect". She kept on about how in that space there are no boundaries and that we can experience and enjoy freedom

Then i found myself getting kind of pissed off. lol All this talk about no boundaries and here i am feeling totally crowded in the room because of all the people. I noticed that i was getting judgmental and already planning a strategy to get there earlier and find a better space where i can control my area better so as not to be feeling so constricted.

Moments passed and my attention wavered from the music, to my breath, to the position, to being crowded, to my inner conflict about it all and my judgments. Then, ... out of nowhere ... my mind shifted.

I took a calming breath and realized that my mind is what is confined and that i get to BE that which is noticing all these things outside of me. And that i can just notice the judgments and let them pass and remain in the moment - free of any attachments and free of any boundaries. It was a liberating moment and one that opened an entirely different experience of my practice and more noticeably ... my surroundings. Suddenly i had ample room to move about and it felt good.

Maybe a 30 seconds later, Nora said, as we were in childs pose ... this is who we are, this energy and this moment. And i felt its truth, we can experience freedom, boundlessness and peace ... though i chuckled a little ... and was thankful she didn't say that a minute earlier!


I'll write more later about the food today it has been really good.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 7 & 8

The last two days have been great – nothing really major to report other than im adapting to the raw palette and really enjoying the yoga. Yesterday I was intending to go to a Pilates class however I chose to do cardio again which was good. I ate all my raw meals but this brings me to a concern I have.

I am wondering if I am eating enough. I mean, I have a shake or raw granola in the morning, a salad of some kind and a more substantial meal and Im really full throughout the entire day and night.

Tonight I didn’t even think I was hungry after yoga – which was a great class by the way. I came home and saw my food but just really didn’t have an appetite since eating a 4pm (5 hours earlier!) I ate a little salad anyway and a bit of a surfer sandwich but not much.

Ill ask Jenny about this tomorrow. I trust the program but it’s a real adjustment from my previous diet of more meals and hunger. But a welcome adjustment nonetheless!

I’ve also decided to keep a small journal with me to record thoughts and experiences throughout the day – which i will reflect on here in the blog.

All in all im full steam ahead with 8 days already behind me~!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 5 & 6 - Feeling Great

Well these last two days have been terrific. I am really beginning to enjoy a sense of centeredness around both the food and the yoga. Yesterday i skipped yoga but did go to the gym to do a little cardio on the elliptical. Afterwards i felt good and came home and took a nice long steam with some essential oils. The whole day i was alert and very peripheral about my surroundings. The green tea is starting to grow on me and is something i now look forward to. (though the coffee still winks at me from time to time)

Today yoga was a challenge - i took the Vinyasa Flow (1) class with Randy Allard and i really felt worked! Lots of sweating. There were some new poses that were a bit difficult to relax into but a few that put my body into a position i didn't know i could do which was cool! I wasn't sure if the sweating was from the class level or from the time of day. I woke from a deep slumber filled with VERY vivid dreams. I think ill start a dream journal next week as i expect there may be something to discover there. Relative to the class however i really enjoyed a good workout - lol it's not just an hour and a half of stretches!

Walking outside into the crisp air i called Jenny at 118 to let her know i was coming by to eat. We spoke for a bit on the phone and when i got there she mentioned that she had never heard me "like that" before. I wasn't sure what was different but i took notice of my state of being and ... yeah i was feeling really good (note.. I'm going to come up with more adjectives about my state - because its often a jigsaw puzzle of feelings -physical/mental/emotional)

After a terrific lunch of salad (kale, spinach, avocado and I'm not sure which dressing was on that one but it was great) and pizza i was fully satisfied.

A few hours later i met with Randy Allard for a half hour at Yogaworks in Costa Mesa. She took the time to help me with a few alignment points in my yoga practice. She really is a Goddess of a woman. She always seems to effortlessly create a space of acceptance and openness that i appreciate both in her coaching and in her classes.

she gave me these quotes and her thoughts to share -

"Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you love" Rumi.

In yoga we talk about our third eye, the seat of intuition, and acknowledge the inherent wisdom of the body. I like this quote because it reminds us to listen to our hearts.

"All life is yoga" Sri Aurobindo

If we approach everything with mindfulness our life both on and off the mat becomes more intentional.

I also must share just how amazing and incredible the people are at 118 Degrees!!! Friday night Michelle - who is also a yoga practitioner at Yogaworks - handed me one of her instructional yoga cds that focuses on Chakras. It was a really sweet and kind intention. Also Celeste, Saffron, Jordan, Tyson, Ellen, Kevin, Alys, Casey, Kit and everyone else there have made 118 Degrees such a wonderful place to go to. They are so supportive and good natured and i can't thank them enough for their smiles, warm wishes and genuine care. You guys are the best!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 4 - Easing in to a rythm

Today was pretty much a breeze, and this post will be short. I will go into more detail tomorrow.

But ultimately today was a good day. Maybe the fluctuating weather put me in a great mood but it i think it's just that I'm beginning to settle into a flow with the food and the yoga

Tonight's yoga was awesome, another Viniyoga class - it seems to go by so fast ... but maybe all the attention to breathing centers my focus. Either way it was a great class and towards the end i was inclined to take another class right after with Randy but i decided to pace my enthusiasm ... huh... pace seems to be a common theme in this process ... and one I'm finding comfort in

More to come soon...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 3 - Fatigue at times

Today i was surprisingly tired throughout the day. I woke well after what felt like a great night's sleep. Took a long steam in the shower and went to work.

Once i got there i made tea and realized i wanted a more substantial breakfast. I had the same shake as yesterday although i still really enjoyed it and i also had a banana.

Later in the day around 11am i met Randy Allard from Yogaworks at the 118 Degree restaurant to further discuss my yoga regimen. She recommended a book by Iyengar call Light on Yoga which i will seek out. She also offered to give me more education on the spiritual aspects of yoga which i was and am very much looking forward to.

On of the quotes she said at lunch was -

That Yoga, performed with the proper attitude, each of our everyday actions can be an asana or physical practice, each breath a pranayama, each thought (or space between two successive thoughts) a seed for meditation.

Randy was referencing an article by Richard Rosen posted on titled Why Do We Practice. It is an excellent write up on bringing this question to mind.

We then reviewed the various schedules and recommendations of classes for me to take in the coming weeks. It was a real pleasure to sit with her and see someone so committed to practicing yoga - Randy really radiates a wonderfully peaceful enthusiasm!

On top of that we got to enjoy an awesome lunch provided by Chef Jenny Ross, i had the enchiladas and Randy had the nachos ... we both cleaned our plates and talked with Jenny about the weeks ahead and the benefits of integrating the yoga and raw food disciplines and how much i will reap! I laughed realizing that across the street i could see a place i used to get double cheeseburgers not long before!

The rest of the day at work i was still a little fatigued at times and i believe in part it was that i was not drinking enough water. Later in the evening i had a dinner of thai spring rolls and a ceasar salad - definitely my favorite salad so far! Celeste really hooked me up!

So the day is at a close and having skipped yoga today i feel a sense that something is missing but i know that rest will give me more energy to really go for it in tomorrows class!

Ultimately i feel good, calm and looking forward to day 4~


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 2 - Stretching

Ok, Day 2 is here and i woke well out of a very deep sleep... albeit a little sore. But not the kind of soreness i might get from a weight training workout, rather, a more complete feeling that i really worked my "inner" body from all the postures of last nights yoga session. It feels good and reminds me of being aware and present in my body.

Breakfast was another shake - vanilla hemp milk, that green super food stuff, maca powder and a fig apple / nut cookie - delicious - later was green tea again (still not the umph of coffee but surprisingly satisfying nonetheless)

Lunch was a massive sweet mustard salad from 118 Degrees and a slightly warm bed of lasagna - there was so much food!!!! I stopped after eating slightly more than half because i was full. Those portions are really generous.

I nibbled on the leftovers as my work day came to a close and then headed off to Yogaworks.

This class was called Viniyoga and was taught by Andrea Miller .... i was at first, a bit apprehensive about how i would do considering i was still feeling that soreness from last night (for lack of a better word) but the class started and i really found myself enjoying it.

There were many of the same postures - which i appreciated because i could focus more on the proper alignment - also my mind was less distracted by thoughts of "going deeper" or trying to bend as far as "that person over there" instead i just went with my own flow.

By they end i enjoyed a body / mind high i didn't expect. I had that feeling as though i received a good massage - kind of in a daze but still really present in my body and just an overall sense of peace.

It was - and still is as i type, a great feeling.

Next i headed over to 118 for dinner - this time a Greek Salad and the Tostada - The tostada comes with these zucchini slices that taste like black bean chili - and the "tostada shell" was crispy and crunchy which gives me hope because i didn't expect such a texture in "raw food" - it was totally satisfying!

Oh yeah i also had an interesting experience at lunch - when i joined my meeting with my food - i was offered a sandwich from the tray that was brought in for the people. Someone mentioned "oh he cant eat that hes on a special diet" . It got me thinking later that day that this doesn't really have to be a special diet or even a "thing" I'm doing for just two months .. but rather this is where i am at right now - i think think by releasing the thoughts and beliefs that im vacationing from my "regular" habits to this Raw / Yoga lifestyle, i can focus myself in other areas of my life with more intention.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 1 - And so it begins...

Well here I am, day one is here. I must confess it's a bit exhilarating to embark on this journey. Typically I draw towards instant gratification and I realize this will definitely be a process with ups and downs along the way. As of today I feel terrific -

Breakfast was a shake with vanilla hemp milk, raw almond butter, a banana my greens powder stuff(ill post more detail later)

about 30 min later I had some green tea - it's definitely NOT coffee -

Lunch was delicious - a compressed spinach salad and olive pizzatas off the 118 Degree Menu, surprisingly I'm not that hungry at 430 - but considering i have my yoga class tonite I should have a little something soon.

Overall I feel optimistic and look forward to this experience. Ill write more after yoga.

Well Im back from my yoga class at Yogaworks Costa Mesa. Randy Allard was the teacher tonight. I took the yogaworks 1 class - tonight was a little tougher than I anticipated. Sweating and getting more of a "workout" for sure. Afterwards I did feel centered, balanced and calm though with a sense of peripheral alertness I didn't have when I walked in.

After I went to Mother's Market and ordered a fresh juice of dark vegetables and feel fully satisfied.

Day 1 a success - 59 to go~